ESG & Sustainability

It’s good for the environment, and it’s good for you.

Knotty Pallet's vision is "to always be improving"

Our team prioritizes sustainability in our energy and waste management by being mindful of the future effects of unnecessary wastefulness. In servicing our customers, Knotty initiates repairs and returns, scrap pallet crediting, and redesigns to mitigate waste. Knotty Pallet works with our supply chain to manage their waste materials by resale, recycled or remanufactured pallets or re -purposing into end products, such as making promotional materials for our company, signage, or furniture.
ESG and our Future

Our team evaluates the entire manufacturing process through our supply chain, coordinating with the customer to locate and implement recycling options or waste management solutions.

What we offer

At Knotty Pallet, we’re committed to the future.

Knotty Pallet uses Pallet Design System (PDS) software to design, analyze, and plan custom pallets to meet our clients every need and ensure the highest quality, safety, and sustainability standards. This program allows us to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. Plus, the USDA certified this software as BioPreferred®, making Knotty Pallet a BioPreferred® pallet supplier.

We also offer our clients several programs that align with corporate responsibility standards for sustainability and efficiency.

Knotty Pallet's commitment to community

Knotty Pallet LLC continues to engage in communities in our region. The Canton/Akron Regional Food Bank aides’ hunger-stricken communities across the region in Northeast Ohio (Carroll, Holmes, Tuscarawas, Stark, Portage, and Wayne). For 22 years the Stark County Medical Professionals and Akron/Canton Food Bank have held an annual golf outing to raise funds for the Community Harvest program. Knotty Pallet LLC has the pleasure of sponsoring 4 employees with the Aultman Alliance Community Hospital for the last 2 years. The quadruple group are Dr Erik White (Assistant Medical Director of Emergency Services), Dan Patterson (EMS Medic at AACH), Doug Richards (RN) and Matt Black.