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Revolutionizing the Pallet Industry One Step at a Time

From Cleaning up Wood Scraps to Becoming an Industry Trailblazer

In high school, Yvette Beohm Grubb started working at a pallet mill owned by her best friend’s father. What began as a small-time job for extra cash grew into a successful career. Although she started by cleaning up wood scraps, sweeping floors, and stacking wood, her role expanded to placing orders, creating invoices, and managing deliveries for the pallet sales office.

By 2004, Yvette had a foothold in the industry, working in the sales department at a major packaging and pallet company. The job gave her insider knowledge of mills’ production processes and consolidating and redesigning pallet programs. “The position blessed me with a great network of suppliers and businesses that I consider my family and friends,” Yvette said.

After 13 years at the company, Yvette decided to venture out independently and founded Knotty Pallet in 2018. “I had a vision to build a business that directly worked with pallet mills and then collaborated with companies to meet their requirements for products and services,” she explained.

There was a place in the industry for a nationwide, full-service pallet provider that could be flexible enough to meet its clients’ quality and pricing needs. “We focused on eliminating the supply chain bottleneck by supplying quality products and services that enhance the customer’s programs,” Yvette noted. Plus, Knotty Pallet sets itself apart from the rest with sustainability-focused programs to handle clients’ pallet needs from start to finish. To date, Knotty Pallet partners with over 500 pallet manufacturers to ensure that those visions are met time and time again.

Four years after Yvette founded Knotty Pallet, the company was awarded the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certification, which requires vigorous internal review for eligibility. Knotty Pallet is also a National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) member.

Today, Knotty Pallet’s client list includes multiple multi-billion-dollar manufacturing companies.